About Narsinghdas Mantri Charitable Trust

Narsinghdas Mantri Charitable Trust was started in year 1998 having vision to give services to poor and needy people, who cannot afford thier medical treatment. This Trust was started by Mr. Narsinghdas Mantri. In Year 2001 Trust started Dharmartha Hospital to provide medical checkup & medicines to patients. It also has facilities available like pathology test, X-Ray, MRI in minimum charges.

In year 2009, Narsinghdas Mantri Charitable Trust Started its own atithigruh for providing shelter to people who come for medical treatment in nagpur from outstation like Madhya pradesh, Chhattisgarh and many more.

Radhakrupa Atithigruh

Run by Narsinghdas Mantri Charitable Trust

Radhakrupa Atithigruh is open 24 Hour for all people who came to nagpur for medical treatment. The Patient with their families can stay at the atithigruh in minimum costs. Facilities are avaiable:

  • AC/Non Ac Rooms
  • Attach Bathroom
  • Dinner & Lunch Facility
  • Television

Dharmartha Hospital

Run by Narsinghdas Mantri Charitable Trust

The Narsinghdas Mantri Charitabal Trust provides dispensary services for the patients who cannot afford hospital fees. In our hospital we treat patients free of cost & provide them free Medicines. The relatives that come with the patient can stay at our Atithigruh.

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